Double Slit Maxi Skirts

This gorgeous maxi skirt is available in different prints and colors. All we need is you waist measurement, length measurement and a measurement of how high you want the slits. Contact us to make an order.

Black & White

We had the honor of dressing Katrina Sarah Ssangalyambogo last year in this gorgeous custom design matching set.

Matching Sets

Another custom design. Our client wanted an outfit to wear on vacation. She’s serving major vacation vibes. Contact us to get your own custom designed outfit.

Mix and Match

These custom designs were made for this set of besties. One of them was graduating from high school and the other wanted to match her bestie on her big day. Contact us to get custom made looks for you and your bestie.

Maxi Skirt

This skirt is available in different prints and materials. I can be with a slit or with out a slit. All we need is your waist measurement and length measurement and slit measurement if you want one. Contact us to order your. Also check out our CEO’s blog and read her post on the Maxi…